About us


You say skateboard deck. We say Industrial Skateboards.
Decks are us. We have crafted them for years with attention to detail and care for doing it right. Industrial Skateboards' decks are simply state of the art. (As well as our wheels, griptape, hardware etc.)
Say skateboard deck from Industrial Skateboards. We say wood.
We use only highest grade Canadian Maple veneer from the Great Lakes Region. We import fresh veneer each month so that it is worked immediately; never allowed to dry out.
Say wood. We say nature.
It's the wood what makes our decks so special. So we understand the importance of protecting natural resources. That's why all of our raw materials (glue, lacquers, printing colors...) are chosen to promote environmental sustainability.

We say skateboard deck. You say Industrial Skateboards.

Zdenek Jonas